SpineAnalyzer™ aids the vertebral assessment workflow of lateral spine x-rays or lateral spine DXA VFA images from patients at risk of, or suffering from, osteoporosis.

  • Full analysis of vertebrae T4-L4
  • X-ray or DXA VFA images
  • Deformity severities identified
  • DICOM/PACS connectivity
  • Comprehensive reporting

Evaluate a SpineAnalyzer Report

To see the value of SpineAnalyzer for yourself, we are pleased to offer a demonstration service where you may upload a DICOM or TIFF image and we will email back a demonstration SpineAnalyzer report within one working day. Request a report by completing this short form.

Integrates and automates vertebral image interpretation

SpineAnalyzer facilitates the organisation and viewing of these images by integrating seamlessly into your existing PACS/DICOM workflow. In use, a technician identifies vertebral bodies for analysis and the software then provides a detailed automated annotation of the lateral vertebral margins of the spine on selected vertebrae between T4 and L4. The user can then interact with the result to make corrections if required.

Six-point vertebral morphometry

The software calculates the accepted quantitative standard for vertebral deformity assessment using six point morphometry. The technician may then add their own notes and SpineAnalyzer generates a convenient report to be shared with a radiologist for a clinical over-read, the referring physician and the patient themselves. The analysis data may also be output as a CSV file or in Windows Excel format for research purposes.

For more information on SpineAnalyzer, please download relevant SpineAnalyzer product literature.