Peter Steiger, Chairman, provides an overview of KneeAnalyzer; at RSNA 2010.

KneeTool™ is a unique software workflow solution to efficiently and comprehensively annotate knee anatomy in osteoarthritis.

  • Efficient workflow support for OA clinical trials data capture including measurements for eligibility
  • Calibration by either ball-bearing or SynaFlexer™
  • Semi-automated measurement of mJSW, fixed-position JSW, JSW profile and area
  • Additional texture and shape measurements may be used as novel imaging biomarkers
  • DICOM compatible

Semi-automated measurement of knee anatomy

KneeTool is designed to fit seamlessly into the typical workflow of a pharmaceutical clinical trials protocol. The user interface guides the operator through a series of steps from first image viewing to reviewing and recording results. Once images are loaded and adjusted for viewing, the user calibrates the image using automated pixel calibration using a ball-bearing target or SynaFlexer; positioning device in field of view.

The user is then guided through semi-automated measurement using a six point manual initialisation to automatically annotate femoral and tibial margins; confirm image eligibility by using inter-margin distance to determine tibial plateau alignment and anatomic-axis measurement to determine limb alignment. The operator also may make adjustments to the anatomical limits that constrain JSW and projected area measurements. The software also determines subchondral bone texture by Fractal Signature Analysis (FSA) which is an exciting potential biomarker for the prediction of OA progression.

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