New National Osteoporosis Guideline launched

The National Osteoporosis Guideline Group (NOGG) have just released updated guidelines that should see more people aged 70 and over receiving intervention to lower their future fracture risk.

The British Geriatrics Society has published a helpful blog post to accompany the updated Guideline, noting that a big change relates to, “age-related assessment and intervention thresholds; these now remain constant from the age of 70 years onwards. This change aims to provide clinically appropriate and equitable access to treatment for all people.”

“The Guideline includes further recommendations particularly relevant to older people. It re-enforces the importance of an integrated multi-component falls-risk assessment in all people at increased risk of sustaining a fracture, highlights the role muscle strengthening and balance training exercise has in reducing falls risk, and includes recommendation of adequate protein intake to maintain optimal musculoskeletal function.

“Finally, there is now an explicit recommendation for Fracture Liaison Services (FLS), which currently are provided far too heterogeneously across the UK. FLSs should be provided for all patients sustaining a fragility fracture and are cost-effective.”

We welcome the updated guidelines and have long championed case finding of vertebral fragility fracture patients for further assessment by Fracture Liaison Services, primarily through our ASPIRE™ service offering.

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